How does the Programme Work?

Our tutoring approach combines two research-based instructional techniques to maximise student success: Multisensory Math and Direct Strategy Instruction. Multisensory, structured learning activities involve two or more senses (sight, hearing, touch and/or movement). Skills and concepts are usually taught in a progression from using concrete materials to the abstract level involving words, numbers & symbols. Direct Strategy Instruction is used to help students with planning, remembering and checking their work. In the ICAN programme, each student creates a set of personalised strategies with help from the tutor.

Each student receives one-on-one tutoring 2 times per week from an ICAN trained tutor. For most students, the school provides a space for the ICAN tutor and the student to work. If tutoring cannot take place at the school, then students complete their tutoring sessions in The Reading Clinic building.

How is Student Progress Monitored?

  • Reports on student progress prepared by the tutor
  • Observations by the ICAN coordinator
  • Annual testing

What are the fees?

The Reading Clinic is a Bermuda registered charity. We are fortunate enough to receive gifts from many individuals and businesses in Bermuda. This allows us to keep our fees below the costs of similar professionals in private practice in Bermuda. This also means that, in addition to lower fees, we can offer financial assistance to families who cannot afford the full fees. The Reading Clinic’s ICAN Math fees as of September 2012 are:

  • Screening and Consultation: $600 - $800
  • ICAN tutoring twice per week: $60 per hour

The Reading Clinic has never turned anyone away due to financial need!  We make every effort to raise funds to help sponsor students whose families cannot afford the entire cost of our services.