Core Reading Programme

Our Core Reading Programme is designed for students with a diagnosis of dyslexia, a language-based learning difference. That is, children who have strengths in some learning-related skills but struggle with reading and spelling due to difficulties working with the sounds in words (phonological processing) and/or rapid naming.

Children with dyslexia typically have difficulty sounding out new words and tend to memorise words based on how they “look”, but are not always accurate in remembering words. They also have great difficulty with spelling and often hate to write stories even if they have wonderful ideas.

The Programme utilises an Orton-Gillingham Approach to teaching reading and spelling. This system has been around since the 1930s and it is language-based, multi sensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive and flexible. It provides individualised tutoring, usually three times a week, from a specially trained tutor.

Most of our students are enrolled at the primary level of schooling in Bermuda. The earlier students enter the programme (i.e. P2 or P3), the more likely they are to be successful in learning to read and spell and to close the gap between themselves and their peers.


The Core Reading Programme Process

In order to be enrolled in the Core Reading Programme, a student must have a diagnosis of dyslexia. This is due to the highly structured and specific nature of the Programme as well as the limited space.

If an assessment has not been conducted, one will need to be done - either by The Reading Clinic or an alternative service provider - to determine if the student has dyslexia. Once complete, the Reading Programme Coordinator will arrange to set up the student with a specialised tutor.

Students who enter the programme in or before January of the current school year will complete End of Year Testing at The Reading Clinic so that we can measure their progress. A report is sent out in July to summarise results.

Once registered for the Programme, your child will have a target number of lessons for the academic year based on his start date. This is an attainable number which factors in the number of lessons students typically receive in a year, cancellations, sickness, school functions, etc.

Sessions are one hour in length and are typically held before or after school. This is dependent on tutor and student availability as well as school permission. Occasionally students are seen during the course of the school day or at lunchtimes.


How much does it cost?

Fees depend on the number of sessions your child is due to receive each week. Click here for a full list of our current fees.


What next?

To schedule an appointment for an assessment, please contact DeAndrea Easton at 292-3938

For any questions or to begin the process of enrolling your child in our Core Reading Programme, please contact Amy DaCosta, Reading Programme Coordinator, at 292-3938, ext. 228 or





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