The Reading Clinic offers assessments to help meet the needs of children with learning differences, especially dyslexia. 

These services include:

  • Baseline testing for students already diagnosed with dyslexia who are starting in the Core Reading Programme;

  • Diagnostic screenings to identify specific types of learning differences; 

  • Full psychoeducational/neurodevelopment assessments to provide a full picture of child’s learning style.

Most of our assessments and consultations are for primary school students, but, in some cases, we help older students and adults who struggle with reading and spelling.

Initial consultation with the Assessment Coordinator is complimentary and can be arranged by calling The Reading Clinic at 292-3938. Following the initial consultation, to place a child on our assessment list, parents/guardians must complete a referral form, send in a deposit and ensure that the teacher completes a school form. For families in need, financial assistance is available.

Children who have specific math-related learning difficulties are offered a place in our ICAN Programme.

Children who have a pattern of dyslexia are offered a place in our Core Reading Programme.


For inquires, contact DeAndrea Easton at 292-3938 or