Reading Tutor

To become a Reading Clinic Core Reading tutor, you must take an Associate level course, offered by an AOGPE-certified institution. Further training in The Reading Clinic’s specific scope and sequence may be required if the training was done outside of Bermuda. 

The Reading Clinic offers an Associate Level Tutor Training Course every other year. Our next one will run in the fall of 2016. This course is roughly 80 hours and takes place over 3-4 months. The course involves ongoing homework as well as a final exam, with a strict 75% pass mark. Successful completion of the course and exam leads to a mentorship (9 classes, roughly 3 weeks), and an unpaid 36 hour practicum prior to officially becoming a Reading Clinic tutor.

Who should apply to be a Core Reading tutor?

Individuals who are:

  •  flexible in working with the sounds of the language
  •  available to tutor between 8-9 am and 3-5pm at least 3 times per week
  •  able to commit to the lengthy training process
  •  patient 
  •  empathetic

For more information please contact Amy Da Costa (Core Reading Programme Coordinator) at or call 292-3938.


Math Tutor

To become a Reading Clinic math tutor you must take a special training course that prepares participants to provide specialized educational interventions to students with specific math-related learning differences. The training will provide practical suggestions for direct strategy instruction in math. Trainees will focus on the importance of using a multisensory, strategy based approach to working with students with math learning challenges. Training is held every other year (or yearly if there is a need) in the Spring. There is usually a one day workshop, followed by approximately 8 weekly 2 hour evening classes and an unpaid 20-hour practicum.

Who should apply to be an ICAN Math Tutor?

  • Trained teachers who have an elementary educational background.
  • Non-teachers who have a strong math background and the ability to impart that knowledge to others
  • All applicants should demonstrate the patience and creativity to work with students who have math learning challenges.

Math concepts are taught most effectively when children are allowed to experience math using concrete materials and using modalities that incorporate at least two of the senses. Tutors learn the importance of beginning at a point where Highlighting the importance of a multisensory approach using concrete materials The training places an emphasis of helping the tutor .

For more information please contact Juliet Pearman (ICAN Math Programme Coordinator) at or call 292-3938.