The Reading Clinic provides services by trained professionals for assessments and tutoring.  In light of this a fee is charged but as a charity committed to literacy and numeracy for everyone in the community, providing financial assistance to those who otherwise cannot afford it is part of our mission.

Core Reading Programme

Baseline assessment prior to commencing programme (if required) - $200-$500, depending on extent of testing needed.

Tutoring: $60.00 per one-hour session. Typically students receive nine sessions per month ($540.00). Total monthly cost will vary if a child requires more or fewer sessions per month.

ICAN Math Programme

Screening: $100-$500 depending on extent of testing provided. Free for students enrolled at feeder schools. Contact us at 292-3938.

Tutoring: $60.00 per session. Typically students receive six sessions per month ($360.00)

Assessment Programme

Full Psycho-Educational Assessment: approx. $2,880 (fee varies depending on amount of testing needed)