ICAN Math Programme

The Individualised Cognitive Approach to Numeracy (ICAN) Math Programme is a cutting-edge math programme designed for P4-P6 students with specific math-related learning differences. Students in the programme receive one-on-one individualised instruction from specially trained tutors twice a week. The instructional methods used in the ICAN programme are research-based and rely on two key approaches:

  1. Multi-sensory Instruction - Multi-sensory instruction involves structured learning activities that use two or more sensory modalities (sight, hearing, touch and/or movement). Skills and concepts are usually taught in a progression from using concrete materials to the abstract level involving words, numbers and symbols.
  2. Math Strategy Instruction - based on research related to cognitive theories of learning. Studies have shown that students with learning difficulties are ineffective and/or inefficient in using strategies for planning, remembering, prioritising, shifting ideas, self-monitoring and checking their work. In the ICAN programme, each student creates a set of personalised strategies with help from the tutor.

ICAN is focused to improve performance with math facts, calculations and problem solving. Additional concepts are covered but our primary goal is to strengthen the basic, foundational skills (prerequisite skills needed before more complex math concepts can be understood).


How can my child become a part of the ICAN Math Programme?

The Reading Clinic provides a FREE 90-minute math screening for P4 students who are enrolled in one of our feeder schools. There is a screening fee for students enrolled in other schools.

The screening will identify areas of strength and weakness and help determine if the programme is best suited to address your child's needs. The results are used to plan instruction, monitor progress and compare pre- and post- test results of students in the programme. Parents will receive a summary with recommendations based on the child's performance.

Once registered for the programme, your child will receive 54 individualised sessions to be held throughout the academic school year (September to June). Sessions are generally held before or after school. Weekend sessions, if requested, are subject to tutor availability.


How much does it cost?

Fees depend on the number of sessions your child is due to receive each week. Click here for a full list of our current fees. 


What next?

To schedule an appointment to have your child screened, or for more information about the ICAN Programme, please contact Juliet Pearman, ICAN Math Programme Coordinator, at 292-3938, ext. 226 or jpearman@readingclinic.bm


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