“A learning disability is an island of weakness in a sea of strengths”
- Sheldon Horowitz, Ed.D, President, NCLD

If you are an educator, there is a strong chance that you are currently working with a student who has learning differences. One in 5 students has a learning difficulty and 1 in 10 has Dyslexia. Students with learning differences present particular challenges for teachers since they have strong abilities in some areas and yet struggle with some of the basic skills for reading, writing and/or math.

There are some general guidelines that are often helpful for working with students with learning difficulties, especially in reading and mathematics. If you would like a consultation regarding a particular student or would like to arrange a workshop at your school, please contact Executive Director, Dr Glenn Faries on email at gfaries@readingclinic.bm or call 292-3938.

Tips for Teachers!

Effective classrooms embrace and celebrate the diversity of the abilities and interests of its pupils.
Direct instruction in reading and spelling with a multi-sensory approach is key. 

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