Whether you give to The Reading Clinic you can be sure that your contribution will make a difference in the lives of children who learn differently.

Since 1968, The Reading Clinic has delivered highly effective services with caring and compassion. We have grown from a handful of volunteers working from the basement of our founder’s home to a team of professionals operating in a purpose-built facility.

Throughout that time, our core mission and values have remained targeted at the needs of individuals with learning differences, allowing us to build a solid foundation and to adapt to the changing needs in Bermuda. This would not have been possible without generous gifts from members of the community who support our students and recognise the importance of helping them to learn, grow and soar!

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Did you know?

  1. The Reading Clinic is one of the few organisations internationally that is accredited with the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators for both our reading programme and our tutor training programme.

  2. At any one time, approximately 60% of our students are attending public schools. In 1995, the Ministry of Education first recognised our valuable contributions to the community by proving a grant to support pubic school students. Over the past 8 years, their support of The Reading Clinic has been continuous and we have tutored students from every public school on the island.

  3. The Reading Clinic has used systematic programme evaluation methods since its inception. Results using norm-based, standardised tests consistently show clear gains for students in their basic literacy and/or numeracy skills.

  4. Our cost effectiveness and stewardship is unparalelled. We deliver more one-on-one sessions at a cost per child that is well below that of similar services with our degree of expertise. For example, last fiscal year, our donations totaled approximately $900,000 and we delivered 50 assessments (902 clinical hours), provided one-on-one tutoring to 100 reading students (6,171 tutoring hours), 33 math students (1,515 tutoring hours) and provided early screening for phonological processing difficulties on 130 preschool children, with small group intervention being provided for 91 of those screened, for a total of 356 hours of service in our early years programme. And the demand for our services continues to increase.

  5. Our parent fees account for less than 25% of our total income. The remaining 75+% comes from donations, the Ministry of Education, special events and other sources. A significant portion of our donations come from individuals, many of whom are our graduates or have family members who have benefitted from The Reading Clinic’s services.