For Parents

The Reading Clinic has always been a “family-friendly” organisation. In fact, our very first trained tutors were parents of children with dyslexia! Today, parents and guardians play a key role in ensuring the success of their children. All referrals must come from the legal guardian of each student.

The Reading Clinic continues to support the families of children with learning differences through:

  1. Consultations to parents/guardians;
  2. Working closely with the parents/guardians of children in our Core Reading Programme;
  3. Providing workshops for groups of parents on specific topics of interest.

Learn more by reading our Helpful Reading Tips

If you think your child may have dyslexia... 

1. Seek advice from her teacher
2. Arrange for a psychoeducational assessment by a School Psychologist
3. Ensure that he receives direct reading and spelling instruction using a structured, multi sensory, phonetic approach
4. Request accommodations at school to allow your child to show her skills and knowledge (extra time on tests, allowances for spelling, oral exams, building models, etc.
5. Encourage him to develop his talents
6. Understand your child's frustration and celebrate her successes!